I grew up convinced that I was the exception in matters of safety and danger. Then a series of events taught me something: the nature of survival

My triplet siblings and I used to play a game we called “Get Down.” The premise was simple: on the rare occasion that…

A daughter reflects on wanderlust, travel, and her mother’s life before triplets

Text by: Brooke Mazurek
Photography and collage by: Paige Mazurek

When my mother found out she was pregnant with triplets, she quit her job and let her passport expire. She was elated and scared, nauseated and starving — and by her second trimester, under strict orders to stay in bed.

For the next four months while she lay on her…

Romantic comedies were the clichés I grew up watching and dismissing. Then my life became one

I like knowing where chapters end. At the start of every new one I flip forward, counting the pages that lie ahead, and whether it’s two or twenty, that number gives me a sense…

Brooke Mazurek

Storyteller. Screenwriter. Journalist. Maryland raised, New York shaped.

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